Environmental, Social and Governance

Sustainable development has emerged in recent decade as a popular topic that has global to corporate implications. Not only are organisations expected to report on their financial performance, aspects on environmental protection and social investments have become necessary disclosures to ensure efforts are placed in resource conservation, fair employment and labour practices, responsible operations and community contributions. These disclosures enable organisations to be more transparent and to communicate a message to the public in respect of our responsibility to the people and the environment in which we operate.


From an operations standpoint, it is the Group’s mission to ensure quality projects and services, while balancing environmental stewardship and employee satisfaction. The testament of the Group’s commitment towards quality and excellence has been acknowledged through the award of Quality Building of the Year 2017 for the development project, namely South Coast. Furthermore, our property management team, as a quality service provider, has recently been recognised by the public with various premises and personnel security awards from "2017 Kowloon West Best Security Services Awards Presentation Ceremony".


In addition, the Group has reviewed its policies in place, established necessary metrics, and implemented specific measures to ensure ESG issues had been carried out in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. The review of policies and performance would allow the Group to have a better understanding and assessment of incorporating more eco- and social-friendly policies in the future.


The Group has long been a keen supporter for community investments. The Company and Country House have been awarded “5 Years Plus Caring Company” Logo by The Hong Kong Council of Social Service over the years in recognition of our commitment and achievement in corporate social responsibility. The Group has donated and participated in various activities as it continuously commits to enhancing the image of a corporately responsible enterprise.


The rich history and experience of the Group is the foundation of its sustainable development. The Group endeavours to excel and to seek ways to adapt to the ever-changing trends that the world brings.