Retail (SODA Mall)

The first image store under the Group’s new retail brand of “SODA Mall”, is formally launched in late 2018 at Pioneer Centre, the Group’s flagship shopping mall, creating a new shopping experience for those pursuing healthy and wellness living.


The new retail brand of SODA is originated from the idea that SODA not only gives people a sense of freshness but its bubbles also remind our customers of never-ending new ideas always emerging at our SODA stores. 


The flagship store "SODA Mall" is scheduled to be launched in the third quarter of 2019.  It is located at Upper East, the Group’s newly completed high-end residential towers in Hung Hom, covering a gross floor area of over 30,000 sq ft.  It will provide a one-stop superstore consisting of a premium supermarket and a health & wellness centre for the residents of Upper East and the neighborhoods of Kowloon East.